Healthy living made enjoyable

Coming Soon!


Here is what to expect from our pre-made meal plans that will be available for purchase soon:

  • Pre-made meal plans with fresh, high quality ingredients

  • Each meal will include correct proportions of fat, carbohydrates and protein.

  • Choose from breakfast, lunch and/or dinner meal plans.

Each meal is designed to provide the right amount of caloric needs as well as satisfy your hunger all while tasting delicious! Not only are these pre-made meals easy to eat on the go, at work, or from your own home, they are a great learning tool on how to prepare your own meals at home based on the proportions of the various foods and their volume size!

You will receive an email notification when the meals are available for purchase to the public. Once on the market, you can visit our website to make specific meal plan purchases, view pricing, and chose pick-up times and locations! We are excited about our upcoming Nutritional Line at Express Weight Loss Clinic, we have the nutritional tools to help you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals!

Another part of our Nutritional Line is our Nutrishuhlicous blog. A place to get lifestyle questions answered, learn how to make healthy meal choices, find easy to follow healthy recipes and so much more! Interact with us by sending in questions, comments and recipe suggestions to help achieve your healthy goals! View videos of our in-house chef preparing healthy recipes with step-by-step recipe instructions too!

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